From prototype to pitch deck, we give your vision a commercial reality

LaunchStar™ was created with the new entrepreneur's needs in mind – having a great idea is just the beginning. Converting the idea into tangible commercial realities is a process we know well. We can help guide and navigate you through the startup phase of your business life. Starting with the prototype that you need to begin.

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Decisions form the actions of a business.  How quickly you make them determines how fast you grow.  Not all decisions work out, but how fast you learn from them is what counts. To help you we created LaunchStar™  – Your success just became achievable.  Here are some of the elements you can look forward to:

4D Branding

From corporate identity to style guides, we shape your brand.

Viral Marketing

What is it worth to have viral marketing with specific outcomes?

User Engagement

Create the processes for engaging with your clients.

Subscription Models

Master how to create pricing models for your business

Story Telling

Have an authentic story to tell about your business and discover how to deliver it flawlessly.

Social Promotions

Transform your online promotions into a life-changing world class promotions

Social Media Marketing

Create a social media marketing business plan

Returning Visitors

Re-marketing to the most qualified leads using highly convertible sales models.

Premium Content

Learn what is going to get the best outcome for your business?


Stop adding to the noise and deliver what clients want.

Ghost Writing

Paid articles help businesses to get ahead by working with top copywriters.

Organic Content

Scaling with organic posts requires a higher process. Results from click to client in 24 hours.

Traditional Advertising

Yes! traditional media must be part of your launch strategy.  We help you navigate.

Mobile Advertising

Create a mobile winning strategy that delivers your message in the palm of your client’s hand.

Marketing Automation

Delivering a world-class sales funnel for your business or industry.

Long Range Planning

A business with a plan has greater chances of succeeding.  We provide a plan for whats next.

Live Streaming

Stories, Video and more.  Thought Leader 101 starts here!

Digital Strategy

Business strategy in a digital landscape with global reach is within your grasp.


Essential sales copy and optimised keyword rich writing is an art we know well.

Media Planning

Developing a successful media plan for any budget.  Learn how to spend for the greatest reach.

Media Strategy

From Public Relations to Sponsored Product Placement we know how to get your name out there.
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