Our Story


Sabistar  opened its doors in 2003 as a traditional publisher of media.  Today our business has moved almost entirely online with traditional media and event management support for exhibitions and publications. 

We turn simple ideas into global idea's and generate the lean concepts to make them profitable.

The "SABISTAR", also known as the "Desert Rose" is a tree-flower shaped like a five pointed star. The tree on which it grows is found in the Sabi Valley in Africa and across the world where climates are harsh and overbearing.

This amazing flower blooms throughout the year despite the tough conditions and surroundings that make up it's environment. The tree survives by the flowers ability to adjust its scent to attract and create a large network of visiting insects and animals.  Each visit is mutually beneficial. The  succulent tree and the animals and insects that use it for nourishment have an equal chance to survive the harsh climate they live in, by working together.

We understand global business and have a collective of online resources to support your company or project.  Our network of global talent support our studio which makes it easy for us to develop your brand cross culturally in a variety of markets.  We fuse our resources with highly skilled savants and visionarian's, both regionally and internationally to provide global idea's to global business.


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