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About our business

From humble beginnings, this business has grown consistently year-on-year. So has the Ad-tech industry.
This has made us agile and aware of the challenges and pitfalls business go through.
Take advantage of our experience.

SINCE 2003

The World’s Most Advanced
Marketing, Advertising, Publishing, Communications & Digital Agency

We understand global business and have a collective of online resources and a network of global partners to support your company or project. Our network of global talent provides support to our studio which makes it easy for us to develop your brand cross-culturally in a variety of markets. Our resources, strategies and complementary services, both regionally and internationally provide global idea’s for global business.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Business

We are proud to be an agency that embraces technology and the agility it gives our clients.  From marketing automation sales funnels to AI chatbot hosts.  Our ingenuity holds no bounds as we produce solutions that are state-of-the-art and cutting edge.

Blockchain Technology Support

We take Blockchain Technology seriously. Our team is ready to help you overcome any marketing obstacle you may encounter in implementing blockchain technology solutions for your business.  Arguably the most exciting thing to happen to marketing in generations.

Our Products

We combine our marketing efforts with distinct programs that differentiate our clients from other marketing professionals. Our aim is to empower the marketing professional through mentoring, learning and development.

Create Knowledge

Education and research are the two factors that have led us to be innovative and culturally significant in the work that we produce.  Discover how you can master and drive digital business in your company with our easy online courses and templates.
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Marketing Science

Traditional marketing has evolved and there are many ways to navigate digital business.  Advertise and pray for results is no longer an option.  With analytics and AI and system to track and manage every dollar spent companies can test and measure advertising, marketing, public relations and any media channel for results.  We call this Marketing Science and we have a solution to help support you harness its challenges.
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Magic Creation

Create perfect artwork, design assets and productions with our in-house studio.  Illustrations, Animations and a host of visual effects can be applied to your project.  Thinking different is in our ethos and productions appeal to all senses and modalities.
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Data Insight

Business Intelligence is more than a balanced scorecard with figures and charts representing the current state of play.  Marketing today’s businesses require insights and analytics with specialised projections that can ensure agile operations and provide leadership that is both transactional and transformational.   Let us help guide your solutions and strategic direction for building Marketing & Sales Plans from big data.
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Our Team

Building the right team starts with a culture that builds careers
Our company works with and build resources worldwide in a network of talent.

Product Services
Remote Freelancers
Azhar Khan
I am curious about everything. From technology to cosmetic medicine and everything in between.  My thirst for knowledge is what drives me.
Paul Cohen
Paul Cohen
Finance and Administration - Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP)
I am quite analytical and business minded.  I look at the numbers behind everything.  It’s always an interesting place to start.
Wendy Muparutsa
Wendy Muparutsa
Media Director
I believe that everyone and everything has a purpose and their own special talents and capabilities.  You define who you are.  Some do this early in life, others define and refine as they grow.
Client Services
Client Services
Account Executives ensure your vision is delivered on time and on budget.  By working with you at all times to achieve your requirements. They go to the ends of the earth to do what you want.
Media Relations
Media Relations
This department takes care of media buying both online and with traditional media by negotiating the best rates for you.
Creative Studio
Creative Studio
This is where the magic happens.  Our in-house studio’s work with freelancers all over the world too ensuring the best minds needed are recruited for the project you have in mind.
There is a world of production options that we have worked with.  From printing business cards to creating guerrilla marketing campaigns we have production capacity worldwide.



It’s not enough to say that we hold our values in business and life as the core essence of what we do. We believe there has to be congruency with our clients and partners too. We like to work with people who are congruent with our services and to take decisive action in order that they reap the reward later.

Create, Develop, Invent

We are pioneers in our field and love working with those companies and individuals who see themselves as cutting-edge.  We grow at the pinnacle of support and challenge. This drives our results.

Think Outside the Box

Every client and creative is unique and every customer has its own expectation. so exponential thinking and platform business models are disrupting the way we do business.  To think out the box requires thinkers and designers to merge. This is how we will create the future together.

Media Planning and Buying

Planning and buying media come with only one requirement. It's not what you know; it's who you know that matters. Here we have an advantage over most agencies. We have been around long enough to make friends in the right places. Knowing where to place your budget is half the success of great advertising. How to spend media to give you the best return on investment.

A/B Testing

Test and measure is the only true way to incrementally grow your media campaigns effectively.  We use A/B testing to ensure your best message is represented.  Driving results starts with measuring what works best, then developing a strategy to refine the process.

UX Design

UX stands for User Experience.  Even Advertising requires a user experience that engages the persona’s that make up your client and alerts the senses to your brand.  A media plan without a User Experience is like a fish without water.  Not going to last long.  Combining your UX with great media relations makes your brand seem astute and agile.

Content Mangement

The key to knowing what is good for your client is “listening”.  Getting to know your customers to understand what people are really looking for is paramount to delivering what your clients want.  Our content creators and developers use our custom-built online tools with data-mining and machine learning systems developed in-house, to listen first, and then make up your content.   So your media spend is always boosted by relevance.

News Blogs

News Blogs are growing in entirely new ways as influencers and social journalism take off.  Capturing the right campaign strategy to leverage off these new digital marketing options takes careful navigation and agility.  Today’s opportunity can be tomorrows great enterprise. Knowing when to buy-in takes insight and industry competence.

Corporate Identities and Style Guides
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Check out our latest jobs on WottJob.com

User Experience Engineer- Staff

Looking for a well trained UX Engineer. Daily tasks include: drawing and sketching in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other Image Editing Software. High communication skill are required.

Support Forum Engineer- Staff

Support Staff needed for our Forum. Daily tasks include: being active on the Forum section for 8 hours, replying to at least 100 threads/day. Good written English skills are required.

Interested in the above.  Tell us a short video, audio, presentation or CV why you would be the ideal person for the job. Remember to keep it entertaining and creative and read our Privacy Policy before submitting.

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